Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pipkin Meets His Maker

Pipkin with Sharon and Frank Kozik at the door of the studio.

Today was a big, big day for Pipkin.  Apparently Frank Kozik, Pipkin's very creator, has been a longtime reader of YearoftheLabbit, and when he and his wife Sharon heard that Pipkin was headed to San Francisco, they invited Pip to stop by the studio to say hi.

*pause for dramatic effect*

I KNOW RITE?!!??11!!

Domo knew it was a real big deal for Pipkin so he stayed out of the picture for the day, exploring Japantown on his own while Pipkin made the trek out to 1488 Howard St. He was greeted at the door and headed up into the studio where Frank told him to make himself at home, check out all the neat stuff in the studio (books and toys and art galore) and chat with Frank's friends, a couple of artists who had stopped by to visit.

Is this real life? Pipkin' a little dizzy with excitement.

In the photo above, from L - R, is Justin Kamerer, an illustrator who does work for albums, gigposters, websites, movie posters, skateboards...seemingly anything that has a surface that you can look at; Jeral Tidwell, another illustrator who produces work on t-shirts, skateboards, hot rods and books; Sharon, who does photography, handles the technical side of the business, and much of the behind the scenes things at the studio; and Mr. Frank Kozik himself.

Pipkin hung out with Sharon while she took care of details on the sale of the special 20th Anniversary Blink-182 print. (You can see an image of the poster below. Sorry, the pink edition is all sold out!)

Pipkin hopped around the studio and it didn't take long before Edward Goralsky (the studio supervisor) made an appearance. Edward invited Pipkin to share some of his noms...

...which Pipkin declined because as we all know, labbits are vegetarian (mostly).

Edward's a busy cat (sometimes) so he hopped up on a work table to make sure Frank was still rolling up posters and getting work done, despite the visitors.

So Pipkin kept wandering about the studio, checking out where all the magic of creation happens. Here is Frank's NUARC light table, a heavy behemoth that's been with him nearly 20 years and, according to Frank, is probably the best piece of equipment he's ever bought. Pipkin is honored to have his butt warmed by its gentle light.

Here's part of today's task - rolling and packaging up the Blink-182 prints for shipping. 

Amongst Frank's collection of toys at the studio there are various generations of Pipkin's family hanging about. On the right is the first incarnation of labbit in hand-poured resin form. You can see a couple more pictures of this labbit with Frank on Jeremyriad's blog post here.  In the center, a couple of generations later, the Medicom (that's right, pre-kidrobot days!) Bone Bunny in the more familiar vinyl. Note the evolution from fat and lumpy to still fat but less lumpy and with added smork, and then Pip's kidrobot generation of fat and smooth. Labbits do like to multiply. In the background there is a special silver harnessed edition of the Bondage Labbit. Pipkin should have invited him into the picture but someone told that labbit to stay put and, well, he likes to be told what to do.

SOoooOo....here's a look at Bone Bunny's innards. He doesn't mind you looking, really.

Another kidrobot generation creation: this giant labbit stool! This is the happy labbit version, but there are smorkin' versions (check the photo above where Pipkin first meets Edward) in bright colors.

Last but not least, a trip to visit the family would not be complete without seeing labbits from past, present and future. Here is the future, people. A sneak peek of the upcoming 10" clear Smorkin' Labbit, available in pink and blue May 10th. Check out the kidrobot blog for more info and pictures.

Pipkin was so so so happy to get to meet Frank, Sharon and Edward, and the other members of his extended labbit family. Frank was really friendly and welcoming, and praised the YearoftheLabbit blog. He told Pipkin about lots of great places to eat and visit while in San Francisco, and gave him toy creator insider's scoop on how to keep his smooth vinyl exterior nice and white. Hanging out with Frank and chatting about the blog made Pipkin more enthusiastic about future travel, noms, and photo posts. Frank and Sharon also had a BIG surprise for him, but you will have to keep checking back here to find out what it was!!


  1. Agreed! You got to meet the man himself! I am jealous!

  2. Hi!! It's grace, I am so jealous! I wish I could meet him bring my little Theodore! (He's like Pipkin), but I live in AL, and don't plan to be going to California anytime soon, bummer!


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