Friday, May 18, 2012

Labbit Travels: Golden Gate Bridge

One of these two is excited to walk across the Golden Gate bridge. The other is worried about high winds, traffic, and bicyclists. Can you guess who's feeling what?

Pipkin thinks this is a pretty good view right here. He could also get a better view with these binocular thingies, just like they have at Hogback Mountain. Hey! It's twice the price here! Only 25 cents on the east coast, hrrrrmmm...

It took a little convincing, but Domo managed to convince Pipkin to get out onto the bridge. He told Pipkin to keep looking up, and not over the side into the water. With shaking legs, Pip hopped across the bridge.

He wasn't quite brave enough to climb the suspension towers like Domo. (In all seriousness, you really shouldn't climb the bridge. There's probably a rule against doing such a thing, but common sense dictates that it's not safe.)

After Domo came down, Pipkin said he'd had enough adventure, so the duo crossed the bridge and headed towards Muir Woods. Domo had to take one picture of Pip on the bridge...and that's when some passerby photobombed poor Pip. He HATES it when people do the 'ole labbit ears. He's already got labbit ears! He doesn't think it's funny. (But it is!)

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