Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Day Along the Embarcadero

Pipkin and Domo embrace their multiarmed aquatic overlord.
Pipkin and Domo spent another gorgeous day in San Francisco by walking along the Embarcadero from Rincon Park all the way to touristy Pier 39. The more eastern stretch of the Embarcadero was quieter, and Pipkin and Domo enjoyed naps on the grass, posing with the aquatic sculptures along the seawall, and watching the locals running.

Domo looks to be trapped in the jaws of a smilodon fossil (sabre-tooth cat). He wonders if maybe he is a descendant of such a wonderful creature, alas, the teeth may be the only resemblance.

There's a lot of aquatic life to see along the Embarcadero, like these sea lions, hanging out at Pier 39:

Or these sardines, swimming in pack formation at the Aquarium of the Bay. Looks dizzying...

 Even San Francisco's sourdough bread (known for its distinct sourness, due to the strain of lactobacillus in their Gold Rush era starter) can be found shaped in aquatic animals like alligator, crab, lobster, and turtle!

You can watch breadmakers at Boudin Bakery shape their bread into different animals.

Pipkin got a turtle shaped loaf, which was tasty, if difficult to eat because he's so adorable!

But it's not all the life aquatic along the piers of the Embarcadero. There were a variety of land animals at the Aquarium of the Bay, like this white chinchilla. Pipkin really wanted to have him freed of box life in the Aquarium (where he had no other chinchilla friends to hang out with) but he couldn't get him out of the glass cage. He hopes the chinchilla doesn't have too bad of a life there. At least he's got lots of food, and he does look like he's got a cozy set up.

"Would you like to come out of there and hop on some real live grass?"

The chinchilla was not available for comment.

It was a sad end to their day along the Embarcadero. Pipkin felt very, very grateful to Domo for having freed him from a life in a box, on a shelf in a store. Not every labbit gets to go on so many adventures, so with that thought, he decided tomorrow would be a good day. A day of more labbity adventure!

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