Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oversize Overload! Hershey's Chocolate World - Chicago

You can't miss the aroma of pure sugar next door to the Loyola University Museum of Art. After Pipkin and Domo checked out the Edward Gorey exhibit, they followed the sweet scent of diabetic coma at Chicago's Hershey's Chocolate World.

Everything is oversized at Herhey's Chocolate World. 1 lb packages of peanut butter cups! That's a half pound of peanutty chocolate each! Domo's tempted to pick up a 3 lb jug of chocolate syrup just to bathe in.

These extra long, 12" Twizzlers would be a great workout for Domo's lockjaw.

You'll also find the world's largest Hershey's milk chocolate bar (5 lbs!) and the world's largest Hershey's kiss. This place is insanity! Definitely fun to go into the store to take a look around, but it takes serious dedication - or a lot of friends - to commit to finishing one of these treats.


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