Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Labbit Travels: To The Cape!

It's a beautiful day and Pipkin and Domo are headed to Cape Code to visit a very special house. Along the way, Domo insisted they stop to take this photo, because Domo goes NUTS for bridges.

This is the Bourne Bridge which connects Cape Code to the rest of Massachusetts. As far as steel bridges go, Domo thinks this one is particularly beautiful.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Labbit Travels: To The Beach! Westerly, RI

The Carousel was a bust, but sandy beaches were just steps away so Domo and Pipkin went for a stroll along the coast. It was nice to have the beach all to themselves. It reminded them of their trip to California last year when they hung out on the beach with no one but the birds.

Pipkin enjoyed sunning himself on the lifeguard tower, and the two watched a few brave surfers out in the cold Atlantic waters. Domo's shivering just thinking about that water. Brrrr.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Where Have All The Horsies Gone?

Pipkin and Domo made their way from Providence down to Westerly, RI, on the coast of the Block Island Sound. They had heard rumors of an olde tyme horsie carousel, the kind where horses are suspended from above and fly around instead of going up and down from the floor. They heard how rides were only $1 or $2. They heard that you could try and reach out to catch a brass ring and if you caught it you could get a free ride. They heard that the Watch Hill Carousel was the oldest and possibly the only operating flying horse carousel in America.

They had some pretty high expectations. So they spent a beautiful morning making their way down to the coast, smelling the salty Atlantic air and soaking in the sunshine. When they arrived in Westerly, it looked like a ghost town. All the beautiful mansions were empty (except a groundskeeper here and there), all the shops were closed and empty, and none of the restaurants (by this time it was around noon) had any good smells wafting out onto the street.

They nearly walked right by the carousel, it was that quiet. It also didn't have any horses. Instead, the chains hung down and swayed in the light breeze. Garbage cans stood underneath where the horses should have been. Clearly, it is the off season, and nothing is open right now. Pipkin's pretty upset that there will be no horsie rides today. Domo...well. Domo is more than a little vexed.

Sorry guys. Looks like you'll have to come back some other time.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

In Bloom

Pipkin's so happy to see the trees in bloom here in Providence's Waterplace Park. Rhode Island seems to be a couple weeks ahead of Vermont. That means Pipkin will get to see spring here, and more spring when he goes home. Win!

Pipkin's catching spring, but he's too early for WaterFire. From May to October, bonfires are lit along the three rivers in Providence and watched over by firetenders riding in gondoliers. As you can see, the sculptures in the water are not lit, and the gondolas are hiding under the bridge.

So, Domo and Pipkin walked around Waterplace Park enjoying the spring blooms. Like yesterday's blog post - it was quiet and deserted for a weekday afternoon. Where is everybody? Are they all hiding indoors? If so, Pipkin thinks they should be worried. This notice on the bridge seems rather ominous.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Labbit Travels: Providence, Rhode Island

Wow! It's been a while since Pipkin's gone far from the warren, but now that mud season has come to a close, he's done with removing muck and water from the warren and he's ready to hit the road with his best mate, Domo. Today they're in Providence, Rhode Island, and from their hotel room they have a wonderful view of the State House. It looks nice from here but, Pipkin wanted to get a closer look.

It's the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. Where is everybody? The State House is deserted. Shouldn't there be people working here? Must be that "sequester" the labbits have heard about. Humans are a funny species.

Well if humans aren't going to make use of the building, Domo doesn't see why he and Pip can't have a little fun...


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Adventure...on hold!

Yesterday, Masher McBuns spent all day a bit of time changing out his trainer tire for his road tire, all in anticipation of a community bike ride today. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating. As you can see from the radar above (and as Masher can see from the wet roads and the wet cold stuff falling on his plush fur), temperatures are hovering dangerously around freezing and there's a mix of snow/rainy precipitation. Looks like he and Doddy Blue will have to do something else today. Adventure...is on hold.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ready To Roll!

Forgive the absense of the labbits of late. It is mud season in Vermont, that brief period of a few weeks when everything shuts down in Vermont because it's just too darn muddy to do anything but clean water out of the deepest depths of your warren.

Spring is just around the corner for the Green Mountain labbits. The roads are mostly clear of snow, and that means the bike is off the trainer, the road tires are back on, the computer and GoPro are set up, and Masher McBuns and his friend Doddy Blue are ready to roll. Adventure awaits on the other side of that door! Labbits LOVE adventure!