Tuesday, April 12, 2011

At the Dari Joy

Pipkin doesn't really want to share his creemee* with Clover, sigh. Lucky for her she's so cute.

The framed picture in the background behind Pipkin is an artist's rendition of the Dari Joy from the 1950's, when Dari Joy first opened up. It doesn't look quite the same today, but the house in the background does still look the same. The restaurant and ice cream shop opened up for the season just this past weekend, and you can bet you'll see more of the labbits here throughout the summer. They do love creemee. Dari Joy has 32 flavors of hard ice cream, 16 flavors of soft serve ice cream, non-fat yogurt, sorbets, sugar free ice cream, and a fast food menu with burgers, sandwiches, wraps, chicken fingers, sweet potato fries (YUM), onion rings an more!

EDIT (April 24 2011) - Apparently this page is getting a ton of hits and often the search queries are for the hours. I guess there's not a lot of info on Dari Joy out there on teh interwebs, so I thought I'd share some info. I'll post up hours as soon as I take a look at the sign out front. They're open 7 days a week until the end of leaf peeping season.

Open for the season April 9th, 2011.
HOURS: 7 days a week, open until 9:30 PM (ish). I have seen them open later than this on warm, busy nights. They don't have hours posted anywhere, so the times are very "ish". They do serve food, so I imagine they open around 11 AM.
140 Rockingham St Bellows Falls

And...if Pipkin won't share, the humans always want to feed the labbits.

*Vermonters call this softer-than-soft-serve creamy ice cream stuff "creemee".


  1. Once, Tigger and I saw captive labbits at a zoo and it said, "DO NOT FEED LABBITS". Tigger fed them anyway :P

    Lily and Tigger

  2. Clover looks just like my Lola, eyelashes and all! She like icecream herself, but she prefers chocolate!!


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