Monday, May 21, 2012

Labbit Travels: California's Great America, Santa Clara, CA

Having explored the Bay Area, (and not seen and done and eaten everything that they wanted to have seen and done and eaten) Pipkin and Domo made their way south to Silicon Valley.  Domo's been breaking Pipkin in to more and more daring behavior since he first sprung Pip free of box-shelf life in August 2010. Pipkin's most daring feat so far has been hopping across the Golden Gate Bridge. Sure, he's been on high mountaintops, waterfalls and even hitched rides on motorcycles, but up on a bridge, where there's potential to fall off into water,or get run over by cyclists and let's not forget breathing in the fumes from the traffic...these are things outside the realm of normal labbit behavior. Give Pipkin a mountaintop and his powerful hind legs will take him up no problem. (Going down is another story. Labbits are rear-wheel drive.) But all that open metal and Pipkin still shudders about it. Domo's proud of Pipkin having confronted his fear, but he feels...

...things can get way more EXTREME. So that's how they found themselves spending a late spring day at California's Great America.

Pipkin started off gently with a swing ride. Verdict? Fun! Relaxing, actually. Spinning around is not so bad. Heights, not so bad, once you're buckled in.

Then they moved on to roller coasters. As EXTREME as Domo can get, he favors a good old fashioned wooden roller coaster over the smooth, G-pulling steel coasters. Something about the sound and vibration of a wood coaster is particularly thrilling. Pipkin's verdict? Also fun. The views from the top were breathtaking. Also breathtaking - the drops, barrel rolls and loops. Still. Doing pretty good...

Finally, The Drop Tower, a roaring 22 story descent in less than 4 seconds. This. Is. EXTREME!!!

After all the spinning and high speed coasters, how bad could this be? But Pipkin wasn't prepared for just how high this ride took you. Apparently 22 stories, with no solid ground around you, is quite thrilling. There's also no way to predict when you've reached the top, which seems like an eternity, or when you get dropped, which was fast. Pipkin's labbit tummy shot northwards to about the tops of his ears, and as you can see, he's looking a little green. Domo might have just broken Pipkin.

Maybe it's time for a little break from the extreme.

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