Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Labbit Travels: California One +37° 0' 14.16", -122° 11' 0.62"

+37° 0' 14.16", -122° 11' 0.62"
The first beach along California One that Pipkin and Domo visited was full of seagulls, and the surf held a handful of surfers. The second beach that they stopped to visit was just south of a small town called Davenport.  This beach was completely deserted.

Domo told Pipkin to get out of the above shot because his plump labbit body was hiding something cool: a cave! Of course Domo wanted to head down to the beach, so he gave Pip an encouraging nudge: 

"C'mon Pip, move your butt!"

It's a steep, rocky, scramble just underneath this pipe. Labbits are quite sure footed but their powerful back legs can get out of control on steep descents. Watch your step when you visit!

Down between the cliffs and bluffs it's not so windy, so Domo and Pipkin bathed in the sun.

Domo walked out onto the beach to watch the waves crash onto this mossy outcropping.

And Pipkin discovered that the cave was really a tunnel! At high tide he's pretty sure the water goes straight through here.

Visiting this beach, one must also hike up and around to get a glimpse of the cliffs from up top, just south of the trail. From here you get an alternate view of the beach, the cave, and the crashing waves.

After a brief picnic, Pipkin and Domo continued to head north on California One. Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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