Labbit Friends

You might see some friends of the labbits pop up in the blog from time to time. Among them:

Pipkin's best friend, Domo. They met in Port Townsend WA when Domo was on a roadtrip through the Pacific Northwest. Pipkin was tired of being a shop labbit and though he was scared at first, he trusted Domo to show him the world. Domo took Pipkin on as a travel companion and they have seen many places since! Here they are at Halloween, with Pipkin dressed as Domo, and Domo dressed as a labbit. BFF4EVA!

NeeChee, the house pfeffa, or cat. She's very friendly to the labbits, and pretty much leaves them alone to do their labbit thing. It's their hats that she's after. NeeChee loves all things yarn, and she can't resist the wonderful knit hats that Clover makes. If the labbits arn't careful and leave their hats lying about, they become toys for the Neech. Take care of those hats, labbits!

Pipkin and Captain Holly discovered these three Deadmau5 Blind Box mau5e5 in their cupboards eating their gourmet almonds. From left to right: Tomohiro, the video game loving mau5; Zim, who loves to chew things with his fierce teeth; and Joel, the patriotic mau5 whose eyes prefer dark rooms with flashing lights, and ears that like progressive house beats.

Pipkin met these two little whales as they were traveling from the Atlantic to Burlington, VT (they haven't quite made it there yet, having been side-tracked into labbity travels). Moby, the pink munkosaur, turned pink and grew arms and legs from eating the flesh of man. The little white whale is Kelty and she doesn't eat people.

When Pipkin and Domo were visiting 17 Mile Drive at the end of whale migration season, they came across Monty, who had been separated from his mother. They immediately adopted him and now he has whale friends!