Friday, May 25, 2012

Labbit Travels: California One +36° 57' 58.82", -122° 7' 21.88"

+36° 57' 58.82", -122° 7' 21.88"

Domo left the suburbs of Santa Clara in a huff, upset over his discovery of how humans treat his kind. There's little you can do though, when those who are captive don't think there's anything wrong with the way they're living. So Pipkin and Domo took off for the coast. The famous California One highway would not disappoint.

They quickly learned to follow anyone pulled over in a truck wearing a skintight wetsuit. From the road it doesn't always seem like there's anything going on, and sometimes you can't see the ocean at all. But if you follow the surfers...

...and go for a little walk through the low brush, you'll come across some railroad tracks, and catch a glimpse of the coast. Walk a little further past the tracks and... will find a well worn path down to the coast.

Look Pipkin! Happy birds, wild and free! (Not Angry Birds, trapped in carnie hell.)

Pipkin loved this place, even though it's not that natural for labbits to hang out by the ocean. He couldn't get enough of the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Best of all, except for the few surfers out on the waves, the beach belonged to the birds, and the birds happily shared the beach with Pipkin. He even tried out some local seaweed. Not bad!

Domo dug his feet into the sand and warmed right up. (It's extremely windy on the coast!) He also couldn't contain his excitement over these cliff walls. SO EXTREME! Okay, well, maybe not extreme, but he gets really excited over anything he can climb. He even convinced Pipkin to climb, too. Perhaps the day at the amusement park wasn't such a bad idea, now that Pipkin's getting braver. The views are totally worth the effort. This place is gorgeous.

One last look. Pip and Domo are gonna follow the next group of surfers they see.

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