Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How To Clean Your (Vinyl) Labbit!

Domo consoles a sad, dirty Pipkin. "At least your teeth are clean." NOT HELPING.
It is a known fact that labbits do not like baths. If you share a home with a labbit of the soft vinyl variety, you will not have received instructions on the proper care of your labbit. (Well, okay, the box says "This is a work of art, not a toy" so perhaps the labbits are guilty of playing too much and not sitting around on a shelf enough.) If you have a plushy labbit in your home, Mr. Frank Kozik provided labbit care instructions on the swing tag attached to your labbit's ear. It clearly states, "Keep labbit dry, he hates baths". Prevention is key. But what if your labbit is adventurous and gets a little dirty? What's a labbit to do?

Note yellowing around the chin, the ears, the eyes, the dirty mouth - okay, he's filthy everywhere.

Pipkin gets pretty down about his yellowing fur. He subjects himself to sink baths with soap once in a while, but it doesn't seem to get him clean. During his visit with his maker, Frank gave him the insider Toy Creator scoop on keeping labbit clean. Two words. Are you ready?

Magic Eraser.

Domo isn't skeptical. He trusts Mr. Bald Guy.

Pipkin was a little skeptical, but since the advice came from The Boss himself, he decided to give it a try. With Domo's help, Pipkin's gonna get clean today!

Domo thinks this is some pretty cool s#!t.

Using the Magic Eraser is easy. Just get it wet, squeeze out the excess water and...erase!

Just start from the back and move to the front. Repeat on the other side. Pipkin thought the bumpy side, used in circular motions, was like a nice massage.

Don't forget to clean the undersides! Feet get really, really dirty!

Okay, so...little itty bits of Magic Eraser wound up on Pipkin's fur so...Domo decided a little rinse was in order...

Happy Labbit is happy.

...and just like that, a cleaner, whiter labbit! YAY!


  1. The magic eraser really is magically. I use it on lots of things in my home. Glad to know it's multipurpose extends to labbits.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll go get that today!

  3. I love my rabbit I came here to see how to care for it!! Thanks I will prob have to do that soon

    1. They hate baths, but they do love to be clean! :) Good luck with the cleaning!


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