Thursday, May 31, 2012

Labbit Travels: California One +37° 2' 19.19", -122° 13' 38.03"

+37° 2' 19.19", -122° 13' 38.03"
Pipkin and Domo are still making their way north on California One, continuing from their adventures on an isolated beach near Davenport. The first beach they stopped at was full of seagulls and a few surfers. This beach, an important nesting habitat for the Snowy Plover, had something that Pipkin first thought were large birds in flight...

...but were actually kite surfers! This beach was far more open and windy than the first beach they visited, so it makes sense that there were several kite surfers here.

Domo stayed on the beach to check out the kite surfers while Pipkin took a closer look at the local flora. Even though the sign warns people to stay off the vegetation, Pipkin saw several footpaths and carefully picked his way through so he could check out the flowers.

These yellow and pink succulents are known as ice plants, and are commonly found along beaches and highways where they can help prevent soil erosion. Pipkin thinks they're very pretty. He even convinced Domo to stop and take a sniff.

If they wanted to, they could probably hide in the foliage!

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