Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Introducing...New Clear Smorkin' Labbits!

Edward: pssssssst! Can you keep a secret? I'll show you something new from the monkey.
Pipkin: Yes! Why are we whispering? Hoomans don't listen to us...
Edward: It's true. I tell the monkey all the time SAUSAGE. And POPCORN. Nothing. So I eat all the paste in the studio. Come labbit, I show you something cool.

During his visit at the studio with Frank Kozik, Edward Goralsky, studio supervisor, hung out with Pipkin while the monkey - er - Frank, wrapped his Blink-182 posters for shipping. Edward gave Pipkin a sneak peek of the upcoming new labbit.

If you thought you hadn't seen anything prettier than the 10" Glossy Labbit...take a look at this new beauty:

Oh. Whoops. That's just the box. Pipkin wasn't allowed to share photos of the unboxed Clear Labbit, as it was still super secret. But it is being unleashed upon the world tomorrow, May 10th! You can buy yours at a Kidrobot store if you are lucky enough to be near one, and you can always purchase online from Kidrobot. The best place to buy yourself these angelic looking smorkers, is directly from Frank Kozik, while you can. He will have a limited number for sale on his site, and if you ask nicely, he will sign it for you, and even give your sweet new labbit a fresh, Sharpie butthole. The new 10" Clear Smorkin' Labbit comes in the softest blue or pink, with a matte ciggy, and is yours for $60 + shipping and applicable taxes if you live in sunny California. Sale begins Thursday May 10 at noon PST. Don't forget to say hi to Sharon!

Oh. And here are some pictures! (All following images are courtesy of the kidrobot blog.)

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