Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wild and Free

After Pipkin's stomach got tossed around on the rides, Domo gave him a little break and they wandered around the park's arcade. This is where they learned just how sick humans can be. Keeping birds captive for carnie sport? No wonder they're angry.

Pipkin would save each and every one. Angry birds make him uneasy. They shouldn't be in captivity but out in the world, wild and free, like the birds he sees on his friend Donnie's birdwatching website. Even Pipkin has experienced the joy of nesting in the treetops...well, okay. Maybe the branches were kinda scratchy on his butt. But it was pretty cozy.

He thought about the chinchilla that he found at - of all places - the aquarium in San Francisco:

That was pretty sad too, but at least he was being well fed, wasn't crowded in, and wasn't being forced into some sick human game.

Uh oh. Domo found something upsetting. Their day at the park might be done.

That pink Domo doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with their existence. He keeps telling Pipkin, "the Claw! The Claw chooses who will stay, and who will go." It's too much for Domo to bear. He's gonna practice some free will and walk out of this park.

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