Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pre-Race Intel at Surry Mountain Lake

Masher McBuns bunny hopped his bike over the VT-NH border to check out the bike course for his upcoming triathlon at Surry Mountain Lake. The lake looks inviting, but he'll have to convince some of the other labbits to swim with him, since it's not safe to swim alone.

The ride looks promising, even if the road is waaaay bumpy. There's some damage from a recent flood in southern NH, so he's curious if the route will change any. So far, he's pretty excited! Three more weeks of training to go!


  1. Do toothy labbits have different care directions for BATH?

    1. Oh, they do! They came with instructions "DO NOT FEED". I think that is why he has turned that green color, because he was not supposed to be given food:

    2. Oh wait, you asked about BATH. No care instructions for BATH. I guess he's allowed to be as dirty as he would like.


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