Thursday, May 3, 2012

To The Rock

Waiting at the bus stop in Japantown.

Pipkin and Domo got together after Pipkin's official labbit business with Frank and Kidrobot, and decided to do the tourist thing. And what's more touristy in San Francisco than a visit to Alkatraz prison, AKA The Rock? Hoping to avoid the midday tourist rush, Domo shook Pipkin out of bed super early and they rode a bus to Pier 33 to take the ferry to Alkatraz island.

A lot of the buildings are quite weathered and worn, like this old soldier's recreation hall. (Alkatraz was a military fortress before it was a military, and then federal prison.)

Domo's actually small enough to fit through the bars, but Pipkin's just a touch too fat and bunchy to fit through. No escape for labbit! (Unless he drops a little weight.)

The cell is 5'x7'x9'. Pretty small for a hooman but quite spacious for a labbit. Still, prison doesn't seem like a fun place.

In fact, prison is a cruel, cruel, place. Just look at all the yummy noms out of Pipkin's reach. Even the sunshine is on the other side of these bars. Pipkin definitely doesn't want to go to prison.

At least there's visitation, but you can't nuzzle your loved ones through glass.

Get me outta here!!

Prison is definitely a lonely, dark place.  It had been rainy and miserable on the ferry ride to the island, but after touring the prison, the sun came out and it was a beautiful day. Pipkin and Domo enjoyed the gardens on the island before heading back to San Francisco.

Apartments for the residents of Alkatraz Island
A clear view of Golden Gate Bridge from Alkatraz.
The Rock is an important nesting area for birds like cormorants and this snowy egret.

Farewell, Alkatraz. Nice to be leaving...

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