Meet The Labbits!

Vinyl and hollow, or plush and stuffed with fluff, these labbits are all BIG on personality and the labbit family continues to grow. They come from different corners of the United States, but all call the little southern Vermont town of Bellows Falls their home. This page is in desperate need of updating, but for now, see all my labbits in this Halloween post! Thanks!

Pipkin Townsend, a 5" Series 1 Happy Labbit, hails from Abracadabra in Port Townsend, WA. He's a little timid, but surprisingly ready for adventure. He's always a bit dirty, despite several baths and treatments with Clearasil.

Clover Juneau is a 5" Series 2 Happy Labbit and our midwest representative, coming from Les Avocado in Milwaukee, WI. She's a sweet-hearted, fashion forward French Angora labbit (she's not fat, she's fluffy!), and makes all the hats and costumes for the labbits.

Theodore (Ted) DeCoste is a limited edition 5" Holiday Edition Happy Labbit with a Dutch Labbit makeover. He comes from Sputnik Ranch in New Orleans, LA but being a Holiday Labbit, enjoys the white Christmas climate of the Green Mountain State.  He's romantic and painfully shy, and unfortunately has been given the nickname "TĂȘte de crotte" by the five labbitlings.

 The five mischievous labbitlings are small in stature (smorkin' stunts your growth, despite what Captain Holly has to say about it) but cause big trouble wherever they go, and where they do go they tend to go as a pack. They are the 1.5" Kidrobot XMas Wonderland Super Fun Pack labbits, and they come from San Francisco, CA.

Captain Holly is a tough, badass Corpsman Labbit dispatched from Kidrobot Headquarters in New York, NY. He's not trying to be Chief Labbit around this warren, but he does his best to keep the peace and organize raids on the local fridge. The only soft spot in his tough 5" vinyl exterior is the one he's got for Clover.

Masher McBuns is a bonafide Green Mountain Labbit, the only native Vermonter in the warren. Shipped to southern VT in a tiny crate, you might think he's nothing but a 2" bitty labbit, but this mini plush is mighty. You're likely to see him pushing big gears and tackling Vermont's hills by bicycle. "Buns on Bikes!", that's Masher McBuns!

Patrick O'Ryan joins the warren from Kidrobot headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Pipkin had just visited his maker, Mr. Frank Kozik, and met several generations of his family, so when he visited the Kidrobot store, he had to adopt one of the newest generations of labbit, the 7" plush labbitus bos taurus. He speaks as softly as his furry exterior looks, and is just getting to know his new warren mates.

Doddy Blue is a 2" plushie like Masher McBuns. Doddy's blue hue is a result of growing up in the frigid waters of the Maine coast. A confident ocean swimmer, he's also an avid cyclist and runner, so naturally he and Masher are the best of friends. When he's not training or racing, he likes to hang out with the cat and enjoy two paws of whisky.

The Ishtar Labbit comes from a very ancient sacred land. She hops across the Earth once a year, leaving behind giant poops to fertilize the land so that plants will grow strong and tall. Labbits celebrate with chocolate eggs, a symbol of poop and the mysterious, delicate Cycle of Life.

On Christmas Eve, Kris Kringlor hops underground around the world, stopping at all the warrens of good little labbit bucks and does to deliver toys and delicious things to eat.
Chief Labbit of the warren is of course the largest labbit of them all, so we call him uncle - Uncle Warren. He's a 24" giant plush and he comes from San Francisco, CA. He was given to me (the ridiculously grinning girl) as a gift from labbit creator Frank Kozik. Frank and his wife Sharon had been long-time readers and fans of my blog, and when they discovered I was headed out to San Francisco, Frank invited me to meet him at his studio. BEST DAY EVER! It was so much fun to meet him and see his workspace and hang out with him and Sharon and Edward Goralsky (resident feline and studio Boss).

Uncle Warren watches over the labbits with a warm, fuzzy heart but isn't afraid to throw his weight around in a friendly fight. He'll make you cry uncle!