Friday, October 26, 2012

Stickin' It To Seattle

Pipkin and Domo arrived at Pike Place Market with an important mission.

They headed to Post Alley under the Market, supplies in hand. They were going to leave their mark in Seattle, and they were going to leave it here:

This is Seattle's famous Gum Wall. It is a brick alleyway wall, and it is covered in gum. Chewing gum. Chewed chewing gum.

They went with strawberry flavored Bazooka Joe gum (classic!). Domo's got a bit of lockjaw going on, so it was up to Pip to carry out the task.

Now, where to stick it?

Nope, not this side.

Something on this side!

Right over there!

Here? Yes, definitely. Not too many pieces here.

Yeah! (Blech!)


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