Monday, October 15, 2012

Good Morning, Seattle!

Pipkin and Domo slept in, despite Seattle being 3 hours later than Vermont's time zone. They awoke in the late morning and decided to get the lay of the land before getting breakfast and exploring the city.

Queen Anne, behind Pipkin.

Their hotel, the Mediterranean Inn in Seattle's lower Queen Anne neighborhood, has a fantastic rooftop patio. They got a 360° view of their surroundings, including nearby Seattle Center, downtown Seattle just beyond, Elliot Bay and Puget Sound, and the hills of Queen Anne.

Labbits don't get to vote, but they can at the 5 Spot! Open the blue left door to vote for Obama or the red door on the right for Mittens.
They decided to head to the top of Queen Anne hill for breakfast at The 5 Spot. The menu at the 5 Spot changes every three months to reflect a different region of the United States, or a different seasonal offering from the Pacific Northwest. The interior is also decorated according to the theme. When Pipkin and Domo showed up at the 5 Spot, Washington D.C. was being served up. On the menu were such items as Lame Duck Confit, Senate Bean Soup, and Super Pac'd Pork Treat.

Domo's stressed out about where to sit. The right, or the left?
The Not-So-Early-Bird Breakfast menu will cost you a 5 spot, and some change ($5.55). Pipkin had the Migas, while Domo helped himself to the Bacon Praline Flapjacks. The service is friendly and the food is good. They'll definitely be back to taste more of the menu.

During the 2012 election season, you can watch the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidate debates live on the big screens at 5 Spot. Meanwhile, cast your vote early, and vote as often as you like. Each time you vote at the door, the corresponding party mascot either kicks his hind quarters or waves his elephantine arms, letting all the patrons know whose side you're on.

After breakfast, Pip and Domo headed back down Queen Anne hill to check out the Seattle Center. Come back to the blog to keep reading about their travel adventures. Oh - and did you spot Domo in the first picture? Here's a close up, in case you missed him:

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