Tuesday, October 16, 2012

First Stop, Seattle Center!

Wait. There was a stop before the Seattle Center, and it was Starbucks. Normally, Domo wouldn't stop at a chain for coffee, but being in Seattle (and having a Starbucks off the hotel lobby) Domo felt he had to get Starbucks coffee. So now it's done. (It was okay.)

The next stop after getting coffee was the Seattle Center. The site of the 1962 World's Fair, the Seattle Center is still home to many of the World's Fair's attractions: the Space Needle, the International Fountain, the armory, the Pacific Science Center and the monorail terminus (inside the very cool Frank Gehry designed EMP). It's actually the 50th anniversary of the World's Fair, so the Seattle Space Needle's top got a fresh coat of Galaxy Gold paint.

The International Fountain boasts over 20 spouts and puts on a water show coordinated to world music. Well, that's the rumor, anyway. It's also rumored that the program changes every month. Pipkin waited and waited and waited but nothing happened. Domo got tired of waiting and decided he was going to climb the thing and figure out what was going on. But Pipkin found the fountain surrounded by these warning signs:

Sorry, Domo. The fountain is a feeling being, and it gets hurt when you climb it. All Domo can do now is shake his fist angrily. Shake harder, Domo!

Immediately to the east of the International Fountain there was a covered walkway with some silk and paper lanterns. A collaboration between Coyote Central students and artist Carl Smool, these lanterns represent Seattle children's vision of the planet in the next 50 years. 

Domo's not too sure what this lantern means. More monsters in the future? Well, he likes it!

Pipkin's guess is that it has something to do with extinction. There are many endangered animals illustrated on the flying lizard's hide. Grim.

Less grim is this lantern, hope for peace, Pipkin's guess.

Here's a skeletal polar bear, on a long swim for ice which has melted away. Seriously grim.

This lantern is of a human with processed fast food and junk food all over him. "You are what you eat?" Pipkin offered, while snapping his gum.

Domo and Pipkin both liked this solar power themed sun lantern. A lot of these lanterns painted a rather grim looking future. Is it just the attitude of children who grow up in a rather drizzly climate? Let's try and be positive and hope for a brighter future! Luckily the fog burned off from earlier that morning and the sun was shining all afternoon while they walked around the Seattle Center. It helped shake off the feeling of impending doom.

Next stop, the top of the Space Needle!

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