Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kitten In The Street

Every largely populated city in America has its share of people on the streets who for some reason or another do not have a place to call home, and Seattle is no exception. While there are warming shelters downtown, and job training and work placement programs, these resources aren't always enough to help everyone.

Mimi is looking to make enough money to buy herself a tent to stay dry in the coming winter months. The Pacific northeast is a cold, wet place in winter, and Mimi, like most cats, just wants to stay dry. Pipkin's sad that she has to beg for money on the streets. While he had little to offer her, she was grateful for the little bit that he could give to help. Mostly Pipkin hung out with Mimi and talked. Mimi was happy for the company, and for someone to treat her with kindness. She hates being chased or shooed away. She's trying her best to not be a stray.

There are nice humans, too. This lady left some money and gave Mimi a little love. Pipkin hopes Mimi gets a tent for the winter. He and Domo went to the REI store in Seattle and saw a great tent that would be perfect for a cat.

The store wouldn't sell it though. It was a "demo model only" - whatever that meant. The staff didn't think it would be good for anyone, but obviously they haven't met Mimi.

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