Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It's the Year of the Labbit's 300th post!!11!!!one!! CRAZY RITE? So, what better way to celebrate than with a family portrait. Since most family portraits are lame and boring, the labbits decided to get in costume for Halloween, the best holiday of them all.

Okay, so, not all the labbits participated. Some of them, like the Easter Labbit, and the 1.5" Christmas labbits are already celebrating in their own, untimely holiday style. There's one last 1.5"er in there, and he's in full combat dress and would like to stay that way, thank you very much. Sooo, there's that.

Why don't we focus on the non-party poopers and take a closer look at the labbit costumes? Yeah!

Here's Chief Labbit Warren, in full Labbit Von Droog glory. He prefers his moloko vellocet to be almond milk. And drug free. ;)

Ted de Coste in a nod to Groucho Marx.

Clover does her best Dr. Frank-N-Furter. She wishes she had a wig, but you work with what you've got.

Clover had to twist Captain Holly's ears to get him to dress up for Halloween. He finally gave in to a costume, and went with his biggest fear. Babies.

Captain Holly requested a photo of his swaddled baby butt.

Patrick felt he had to be a cowboy, naturally.

Pipkin opted for the majestic, elusive jackalabbit.

The mini plushies got together and did a group costume. The most colorful of the labbits, they worked with what Kozik gave 'em and used their colors to their advantage and became the Angry Birds.

How did you dress up for Halloween? Did you get lots of candy? No doubt the labbits are going to be eating a lot of candy in the next few days...if it lasts that long. The labbits wish you all a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I love their costumes! If Pipkin ever wants to go on a search to find real jackalabbits or jackalopes, he's welcome to come out here and go adventuring with Dr. Duck (who says he saw a jackarabbit when we were driving home for Thanksgiving last year).

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