Thursday, October 4, 2012

Labbits Listen To: Metric

One of Pipkin's favorite bands, Metric, is touring the USA, so he had to nab tickets for their Boston show at the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre. Pipkin's a big fan of live shows. Some of the shows he's been to include Florence + The Machine, Wintersleep (when he got to meet the band), and well, he tried to see Deadmau5 but security said no labbits allowed. Awful, isn't it? He was forced to listen from the parking lot.

The good people at Orpheum believe ticket holders are ticket holders, be they human, labbit, or...Domo. And so, Pipkin and Domo hopped to their awesome seats and settled in for a fantastic concert.

The countdown got everyone stomping their feet.

Got Stadium Love?

So many colors!
Emily plays guitar!
Bright lights

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