Saturday, October 13, 2012

Labbit Travels: BOS to LAX

If this photo looks familiar, it's because you've seen Pipkin and Domo here before - they're at Boston's Logan International Airport, on their way to the west coast. Last time they were here, they were headed to San Francisco to meet Pipkin's maker, Frank Kozik. This time, they're headed to Seattle, WA.

Domo's making sure their luggage makes it on the plane.
When Domo first rescued Pipkin from Box Life in a little shop in Port Townsend, WA, he took Pipkin on a trip along the coast, and they made their way to Portland, OR. That was over two years ago! They also visited Vancouver, BC in Canada, but they were disappointed to have missed Seattle.

Sharon Kozik happens to have lived in Seattle, so when Pipkin emailed her about what to do, she replied with a list of fun things to do. Totally psyched for the trip, Pipkin can't seem to wipe that toothy grin off his face.

Ohboyohboyohboyohboy! Pipkin loves looking out the airplane window. He's small, so it's nice to look down on something for once and feel like a giant.

It's a long flight, but it's during the day, so Pipkin got to see a lot of America along the way. LAX is their first stop. They have a five hour layover before a second short flight from LAX to SEA.

It wasn't long before Pipkin got a little bored with staring out the window, so he and Domo got a little silly.

As the plane passed over a large body of water, Domo broke out the emergency rescue boat and they pretended they were prepping for a crash landing. It was fun to pretend, but the passengers around them gave them weird looks. Whatever. Don't hate just 'cause we're having fun!

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  1. Yay Seattle!!! Pipkin, if you and Domo get the chance, head over to Molly Moon's Ice Cream in Wallingford (just north of downtown Seattle). You won't regret it! And also, please wave at Puget Sound and the aquarium for me and Dr. Duck...that's our old stomping grounds from years ago.


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