Friday, October 5, 2012

Labbit Travels: Boston, MA

Pipkin has been to Boston before, for a Florence + The Machine concert, and to fly out to San Francisco. He also visited some friends in summer last year but it seems he happens to visit Boston when the weather is rainy and cold. This time around, he was in Boston with his friend Domo to see Metric live.

The next day was gorgeous so the two walked around downtown Boston. Pipkin was particularly interested in going to Boston Common and the Public Garden. In a city, labbits like to have a giant patch of fresh grass to munch on.

Domo soaked up the sunshine while Pipkin went to town on the grass.

They visited the fountains in the park,

and they went to the Farmer's Market at Copley Square and met a couple animals. Here, Pipkin's talking to a giant hare, who claims to be in the middle of a race. Didn't seem like it, since he was just sitting there, grooming himself and chatting up random labbits. He didn't seem all that friendly to Pipkin, but maybe it's because he was distracted by whatever race he was supposedly running.

This tortoise, on the other hand, was very friendly. He said he was quite busy, as he was in the middle of something (hard to tell what though, since he moved so slowly), but he did take the time to say hi to Domo and Pip, and even offered to give them a ride. Sweet!

Domo and Pip climbed on top of his shiny, bronzed shell and enjoyed a tour of Copley Square. 

Now this is the way to travel!

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