Saturday, July 6, 2013

Congratulations Lisa & Rick!

We interrupt this irregularly updated blog to bring you a special message...a message of love and congratulations to Lisa & Rick!

On July 1st, Ted's friends tied the knot in his hometown of New Orleans, LA, and he flew down with his date Clover to attend the ceremony. The ceremony took place after dark in the beautiful courtyard of the Hotel Provincial, in the heart of the French Quarter.

Ted always likes a black and white themed wedding, and Clover took photos of the decor:

Lisa made her own bouquet with cream coloured roses, black feathers and marabou, and rhinestone skulls - also part of the wedding's theme!

As the sun set, Ted and Clover took their seats and waited anxiously for the bride to make her entrance.

After a touching and modern ceremony (vows were read off iPhones and some lighting was provided by iPhone - there's an app for that!), Lisa and Rick surprised the guests by taking them all for horse drawn carriage tours of the French Quarter. How romantic to learn about the history and architecture of the French Quarter at night by horse drawn carriage! (Okay, they're actually pulled by mules...still romantic nonetheless!)

The carriages dropped off the wedding guests at the restaurant Tujagues by the French Market. Established in 1856, Tujagues is the second oldest restaurant in New Orleans! To this day, they still create Creole dishes in the traditional manner of hand picking items fresh from the adjacent French Market. 

 The reception dinner gave the guests a taste of New Orleans. If you are looking for traditional New Orleans fare, Tujagues is the place to eat.

The candlelit tables were decorated with Mardi Gras masks, black and white centerpieces, hand stamped hankerchiefs, chocolate gold coins (Lisa & Rick are Canadian and got married on Canada Day, so of course it was chocolate loonies and toonies), and labbit sized tabasco sauce.

The cake was as delicious as it looks! All the ladies got to pull out a secret token from the cake. Clover pulled a mask - which means a secret will soon be revealed to her!

Congratulations again to the happy couple! Lisa and Rick, thank you so much for including the labbits in your special day. New Orleans is an amazing city, and this trip was all the more special because we got to spend it with both of you.


  1. Fantastic~~ Cheers to the Labbits! :)

  2. so beautiful! glad it was so lovely and fun for you all.
    note: i was with Rick when I got "Ted's" namesake... how appropriate that he attended :)

    1. Yes! :) I wonder if Rick even knows I named that labbit Tete de Crotte!


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