Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Labbit Travels: Experience Music Project Museum

Ohhhh, it's exit through the gift shop, not enter through the gift shop, isn't it? When Pipkin and Domo showed up at the Experience Music Project museum, the found themselves walking through the gift shop, and after the day Pipkin had had so far (giant Harvestmen! Cold, metal, spiderwebs! Bicycle eating cephalopods!) Pipkin just didn't have the stomach for rabbit zombies.

EMP isn't just a museum for music, but it also explores themes in popular culture, and the science fiction and horror genres. Pipkin felt he and Domo should explore on their own. He'd had enough fright for the day.

So Domo headed downstairs to check out the sci-fi and horror galleries. Domo likes a good scream (he can't help it, really). The first thing he saw was the facehugger from Alien. DAAAAAARGH!

He then turned a corner and ran into a full grown alien. Domo's actually a little envious of the mouth within a mouth. Scary!

Even scarier...this book! It's going on Domo's reading list once he gets home.

Domo can't imagine not having a mouth. Happily, he got to go into the Scream Booth - a soundproof booth with some guided scream therapy. Ahhhhhh...

While Domo chilled in the Scream Booth, Pipkin listened to different bands covering Nirvana in the Sky Church. The Sky Church can host over 800 people as a live performance venue and as a cinema. Sky Church was a term Jimi Hendrix used to describe a place where people of all ages and cultures could come together to experience music.

Pipkin loved this giant tower of instruments. Titled IF VI WAS IX, Seattle sculptor Trimpin put together over 500 instruments in this tower, which is equipped with headphones so people can listen to electronic music that Trimpin had programmed into some of the instruments. Some of the guitars, which are hard to get to, are tuned automatically whenever their pitch is too sharp or flat.

The EMP Museum is a place where you could spend the entire day (and then some) going through the interactive displays watching interviews with musical artists, film directors and actors, or working your way through the top floor's Sound Lab, learning to play keyboards, drums, guitar and bass, or taking to the stage to perform your favorite songs by Seattle artists. Pipkin and Domo both had a great time at EMP and they recommend you spend the day there!

Do exit through the gift shop. There's lots of fun stuff there, but you'll get distracted and spend too much time there instead of in the museum.

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