Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunny Skies, Great Wheel

Days and days of sunny, blue skies are rare enough in Vermont, but in Seattle it's just freaky. Pipkin is missing the rain and would gladly take at least an overcast day. But while the sun is shining, the sky makes a beautiful backdrop for Seattle's Great Wheel, a large ferris wheel on the end of Pier 57 on Puget Sound that is a recent addition to the city.  Opened in late June of 2012, the Great Wheel is the largest on the US west coast, boasts 42 cars (including a VIP leather seated and heated car) that can take 300 people around and around to a height of 175 feet, and 40 feet out into the Sound. At night, the ferris wheel lights up and the lights will change color according to the season, or whether the Seahawks are playing. Pipkin's going to skip the ride and hop around the waterfront today. It's just too nice to be inside a little car!

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