Thursday, November 8, 2012

Labbit Travels: Gas Works Park, Seattle WA

Pipkin wanted to put a little distance between himself and the Fremont Troll, and since they were near Lake Union, he suggested visiting nearby Gas Works Park. He and Domo rode their bikes and arrived at a pretty spot that had once been the site of a coal gasification plant.

Since the plant stopped converting coal to gas in 1956, it was sold to the city of Seattle, the land redesigned as park space, and in 1975 it opened to the public. Some of the plant has been converted into a sheltered picnic area (remember, it is rainy in Seattle) and a large play area. There's also lots of green space, a hill built on a windy spot for kite flying, and a sundial at the top of the hill.

Despite its name and presence of heavy industrial machinery, Gas Works Park does not smell bad. Domo got Pipkin to take off the gas mask. Pipkin was wary at first, sniffing the air with caution, but Domo was right. It's nice up here!

Pipkin hopped up the hill to take in the views of Seattle. You can see the Fremont Troll's bridge to the west (but you can't see the Troll, phew!), downtown Seattle and Seattle Center to the south, and lots of boats out on Lake Union. At the top of the hill there's a sundial sculpture on the ground embedded with bronze, seashells, glass and rocks. When you stand in the center your shadow (if there's sun) will tell the time. Pipkin has a feeling it's about sunset.

From the top of the hill you can see the old gas plant. Certainly stands out against the city, doesn't it?

Pipkin got in a little evening meal before the sun went down. Quite tasty!

Before it got too dark, Domo pried his friend away from the grass so they could ride their bikes back home before dark. Definitely check out this unique park if you ever visit Seattle. Leave the gas mask, and bring a kite and some blankets for sitting on, instead!

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