Friday, November 23, 2012

Pie, Pie, Again!

Captain Holly wasn't 100% happy with the Green Tea Cream Pies he made a few days ago. When at first you don't succeed, pie, pie, again! So Captain Holly whipped up another round of pie crusts (easy peasy!) and brewed a stronger green tea for a full 15 minutes. He also decided to add chopped pistachio on top of the whipped cream and white chocolate. It needed something green but he didn't want to resort to food coloring.

Steeping the tea

Then he thought, why not try another flavor of tea? How about Chai Latte Cream Pie? Yes! With the bold flavor of black tea and warm spices, it would make a delicious cream pie. All he did was swap out the Green Tea for Chai Tea.  If he had thought it through, Captain Holly would have added a sprinkle of cinnamon on top of the whipped cream.

Yogi Teas have thoughtful notes on their teabag tags.

To make these pies, click here. The Chai Latte variation has been added to the recipe. Next experiment in the kitchen is homemade Chai - but the Captain will have to raid the local food co-op for some fresh whole spices. For now, try the simple version with chai tea bags. Both of these pies were absolutely delicious!

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