Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Troll Under the Bridge

Pipkin had a few days' break from Seattle's 8 legged freaks so Domo felt it was time they met the Fremont Troll. Domo promised Pip that the troll would not be interested in eating them, as they were just wee creatures and the troll had a taste for only the fattest of tourists.

They rode their bicycles to the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge, and sure enough, at North 36th St and Troll Avenue, they found the Fremont Troll. He's big. Very big. He must have eaten many fat tourists. Pipkin wasn't too keen on getting close.

Domo wanted to climb up to the troll to say hi, forge better monster-troll relations, and maybe take a closer look at his hubcap eyeball. Seemed like he was busy eating up the passengers of the VW Beetle he had in his hands so he wouldn't bother with a 5" labbit but Pipkin declined the meet and greet. This was close enough, thanks.

Domo found he could practically climb up the troll's nose! Pipkin didn't care. He just wanted to go. Seattle's full of scary things.

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