Thursday, November 29, 2012


"Kimodo dragon! Thhhbbbbpt!"

Feeling brave, Pip?
"Yup. Thhhbbbbpt!"
That one's not actually real.

"This one is! Thhhbbbbpt!"
Pipkin is brave when they're behind glass.

"Snake! Ssssssssssthhhbbbbpt! Okay, that's enough."

Pipkin finally tired of teasing the scary animals behind glass at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle's Phinney Ridge neighborhood. In fact, he found them a little sad. He remembered what it was like when he lived a boxed life, and it was rather dull and adventureless. Now he's free to travel, and he shouldn't be teasing the predators.  But it's tough being a labbit. Labbits have a thousand enemies, wolves among them.

Pipkin is glad he's not in the jaws of a wolf. Labbits have to stick together and warn one another of their enemies. Kind of like these meerkats.

"Hey guys, what are we all looking at?"

Suddenly Pipkin got hit with homesickness. It's been fun traveling with his best friend, Domo, but he misses his labbit friends, too. Time to wrap up his travels in Seattle, and head home to Vermont to be with the warren. or two more stops!

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