Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mau5e5 Denied Entry to Deadmau5 Concert

When Deadmau5 announced an added Amherst MA stop on his Meowingtons Hax tour, Pipkin and the mau5e5 got very excited to go! They hitched a ride from southern VT all the way to the UMass campus, and couldn't wait to attend the show. Unfortunately they didn't think to buy tickets, and sneaking in through someone's purse only resulted in being booted out by security. One of the security officers said, "they'll be trash mau5e5 if you don't leave them in your car."

What did she think Pipkin and the mau5e5 were going to do? Hurl themselves at the stage? No, they just wanted to dance. Poor guys. Good thing it was loud in there. They had to listen to the whole thing from outside the Mullins Center. Next time, mau5e5....we'll sneak you in a little better. After all, people had all sorts of horrible projectiles and illegal drugs. Surely they'll overlook a 2" mau5ie.

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  1. The mau5eS were seriously denied entry to the concert? Next time mau5e5, next time. dr. duck has some sneaking in techniques he can share with you.


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