Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Forbidden City: Part II

We last saw Pipkin in the massive Outer Court in front of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. There's a lot of buildings around the courtyard, and a lot of sculptures and details to see outside each one.

Giant bronze sculptures and carvings dot the courtyard.

The rooflines have carved details.

The gardens around the Pavilion of Everlasting Spring are very pretty, and the greenery is a welcome change to the bare courtyard of the palace. Large juniper trees and massive stone features add texture and interest. It's a very pretty and tranquil part of the palace. It's amazing how much beautiful wooden architecture there is and how it has survived over centuries.

There are many gargoyles and rain spouts, but this decorative dragon didn't have a spout. Instead, he had a very impressive set of teeth. This dragon must have been a vegetarian.

Domo loved this guy's mane.

The Gate of Divine Might
There's a lot to see at the Forbidden City, and details of art collections inside the buildings that couldn't be photographed. Be sure to get to the Forbidden City early, and be sure to bring a shade umbrella and lots of water! Pipkin's a little fried from the sun.

That's it! Their last stop in Beijing before they fly home! It's been a long visit and they've seen and tasted and experienced so much, but they are both incredibly homesick and they can't wait to be home with the other labbits in the warren. Bye bye, Beijing!

The end. Haha.

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