Monday, April 28, 2014

Beihei Park, Beijing

 A light, breezy day is a great day to be at the park. Pipkin and Domo visited Beihai Park, one of the largest Chinese gardens at 69 hectares (171 acres). More than half of the park is comprised of the lake where Pipkin is enjoying the shade of weeping willow trees. 

Beyond Pipkin lies Jade Flower Island, and the White Pagoda, a 40 metre (131 ft) stone tower sitting on the highest point of the island.

Cute Lotus Flower boats tour the lake.

There are several Buddhist temples and ornate gates. Beyond this gate is one of the famous Nine Dragon Walls, built in 1402.

Pipkin feels like he's seen this before - and he has - in Canada! There's a replica of this wall in a Chinese cultural centre in a suburb of Toronto. It was cool to see the original in Beijing.

Out on the lake's edge, Pipkin and Domo saw a truck driving slowly along the road. When it stopped, several people gathered around the truck to peek into the bed. Guess what was in the back? Koi!

Pipkin's not sure if these guys were a troupe of traveling circus fish or if this was a fancy, open top limo ride for fish on tour, but it was definitely something he'd never seen before! What a way for fish to travel.

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