Saturday, April 26, 2014

Snack Time!

Pipkin and Domo have adventurous palates, but their North American need for snacks is strong. Thankfully, the two easily found Pocky and potato chips, and in fun flavours you can't get in America!

Look at all the flavours of Pocky! Pipkin loves the Green Tea flavour. The blueberry (top left) was sweet but artificial tasting. Definitely go for the matcha (green tea) if you can find it.

Time for a "Who Wore It Best?" Mr. Julius Pringle, or Mr. Pipkin Townsend? Both moustaches are handsome but...oh, I say Pipkin wins here.

Domo searched all over Hong Kong, Macau and Beijing for Lay's Seaweed flavoured chips, alas, he couldn't find any. They were only in Taiwan! He's glad he got to taste them, even if only once. These Texas Grilled BBQ flavoured chips tasted a lot like the BBQ flavour you get in the USA, which suited Domo just fine. I guess he's a little homesick.

This display was certainly aimed at the ex-pats in Beijing. The Chinese don't traditionally eat cereal for breakfast. There's some fun looking cereals in there, including this one below that made Pipkin homesick for Vermont:

Mmmm, waffles and pure Vermont maple syrup!'re not going to find in this box, but maybe it'd be close? (Nope. Not even.)

Pipkin and Domo only have a little bit of time left in Beijing before they head back to the Green Mountain State. Pipkin's already dreaming of raw carrots and lettuce, and Domo's jonesing for pizza and cheeseburgers. Oh yeaaaah...


  1. I just purchased match flavoured Pocky sticks at PAT's Korean grocery store yesterday! I had never seen them before in T.O.


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