Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Place

The Place! Pipkin and Domo stopped by The Place, which is a terrible name for a place. Any place. In any case, The Place is a mixed-use retail centre in the heart of the business district of Beijing. Pipkin and Domo stopped by because they wanted to see the giant LED Sky Screen. The screen, 250 m by 30 m and 24 up in the air, is one of the largest in the world, and projects live events, video games or even photos uploaded by visitors (for a short time, and for a fee, of course!). Most of the time, it projects a moving aquarium scene.

But not today. Today, nothing's happening, and Domo's pretty miffed about it. It takes SO. LONG. to get around Beijing! Making a special trip out to The Place took time and...for nothing! Grrrr...

And it's not like you can do much else underneath the screen, like enjoy a bonfire, play with fireworks, have a nap, bike, skate, play raquetsports Pipkin thinks you're also not allowed to plant seeds or practice ballet. Or maybe that last one is not climb ladders the wrong way. Sounds about right.

Hopefully if you ever visit The Place, the screen will be on for you. These guys have no desire to look at designer shoes and watches, so it's on to the next place!

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