Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fun Finds at the Mall

The mall! Pipkin and Domo escaped the brutal heat and humidity in Tianjin and spent some time strolling through an indoor market.

There's a lot of neat, colourful things to find in a Chinese mall. The halls are wide to accommodate seller stalls, and the stalls have an assortment of exotic food and curious knick knacks.

From the second floor, you can escape the crowds and watch people haggle over slippers and head massagers. Domo and Pipkin cheered and booed and heckled from this safe distance. Haggling for goods is a sport! A good haggle will entertain the masses and draw a crowd. It might even get you a fair price. Here's some of the things they saw at the market.

 Pipkin wanted a fan, but Domo insisted it wouldn't help cool Pipkin off. Pretty, though!

Cute hats, but a little too big.

Hilarious translations on coin purses!

Pipkin wonders if the threat of dysentery is still alive today because the Chinese don't do raw food - which is what labbits like best. Everything is cooked or dried in China. No raw veggies or fruit for Pip.

Here's an interesting find. Bomb! What is this stuff? Whatever it is, don't trying bringing it in your carry-on luggage for the flight home.

Tingly head massagers! These things are awesome!

In the end, Domo haggled over something as a gift for Captain Holly. It's been sent in the mail, so as soon as the Captain gets is, he'll post about it! No photos until he gets it though. ;)

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