Thursday, December 6, 2012

In the Glass Garden: Part II

In the previous post, Pipkin and Domo explored inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum, the last stop on their trip to Seattle, WA.

There was more to see than they realized, and though they had arrived at the museum in the day, the sun was setting quickly and twilight was fading to dusk, so they made their way to the Glasshouse, a 40 foot tall conservatory housing a 100 foot long sculpture, one of Chihuly's largest suspended works.

Individual pieces create a red, orange and yellow helix across the sunset filled room.

Next, they made their way outside to the Garden.
Here's a view of the Glasshouse from outside in the garden. Nestled in amongst the greenery and colorful Glasshouse, it's refreshing to see some black and white sculptures.

The best part about visiting the garden during sunset is watching its mood change. As twilight fades, some sculptures seem to go to sleep, while as the night deepens, other sculptures awaken.

Lit from the ground, these Flori come alive and snake towards a shooting star.

This bright, spindly Crystal Tower seems still in daylight, but challenges the Space Needle in a race to the stars at night.

Labbits are not strangers to the night. Being small, Pipkin carefully hopped through the sleeping plants and flowers to get a closer look at this blue, tentacled Flori.

He imagined a displaced Giant Pacific Octopus escaping from the Seattle Aquarium and hiding out in the Chihuly Garden.

It's not so crazy an idea! Octopus are highly intelligent creatures, and they can sneak in and out of the tightest spots! Pipkin hopes they don't make it onto land anytime soon.

(Domo, for one, welcomes the multi-armed overlords of the sea.)

When dusk gives way to nightfall, you won't find Chihuly's enormous Sun sculpture going to bed.

It shines its bright light throughout the evening for the visitors to enjoy.

When else do you get to see the Sun and moon together?

Along the Chandelier Walkway, glass chandeliers in every color of the rainbow cast eerie shadows on the museum wall. It's a cue for the creatures of the dark to come out and play, and for little labbits to head back to the warren.

Pipkin and Domo thank you for coming along on their trip to Seattle. While they fly on the red eye from The Emerald City back to the Green Mountain State, they hope you'll browse back through their posts about Seattle and that you'll continue to visit this blog as they embark on their next adventure!

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