Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning with Kris Kringlor

Pipkin is visiting friends in the Great White North, and when he woke up on Christmas morning, he found a visitor in one of the stockings. It was Kris Kringlor! On Christmas Eve, Kris Kringlor hops around underground delivering presents to all the good little labbits asleep in their warrens. He believed Pipkin had been particularly good this year, so he thought he'd visit and say hello. It helps that Pipkin put out particularly good cookies for Kris Kringlor:

Cookies just like Kris Kringlor's butt!

Kris Kringlor filled Pipkin's stocking with lots of goodies.  It was so stuffed Pipkin had to crawl in to dig them out (good thing labbits are naturally fond of digging).

Look at all the loot! Candy canes (Kringlor doesn't keep it all to himself after all), Laura Secord gummies, bookmarks, bicycle paper clips (Pip will have to share those with Masher and Doddy Blue), earbud cord wraps (Pipkin's always untangling his earbuds), Godiva chocolates, oh my!

But wait...there's one more gift from Kringlor, something big at the bottom of the stocking. This requires serious digging.

"Kringlor, hold my toque. I'm going in!"

"Umph! I've got it, I think..."

"Oofah! Just gotta...turn this stocking around..."

"Wow! It's the Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Photography! Thanks, Kris Kringlor."

Pipkin's going to hunker down over the winter and read this guide cover to cover. He's taken many a terrible photograph, so hopefully this book will help him take better photos - after all, this is a photo blog, and there have been many outings not blogged because of blurry, dark, overexposed and just plain bad photos.

Pipkin hopes you all had a wonderful holiday surrounded by loved ones and good food and lots of cheer. Here's to the coming new year!


  1. My Labbit Family (Casper, Al, and Daddy Labbit)all love your blog! Daddy Labbit especially adores the 'Eat like a Labbit' section, he knows what to make Casper and Al!

    1. So happy other labbits are hopping by the blog. :) Let me know if you have recipe requests.


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