Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Alpacalypse Now!

There's one rule to obey should the Alpacalypse come and you find yourself face to face against your new furry overlords: NO SPITTING. You'll lose.

Your furry overlords are happy to meet you!

Clover doesn't believe the Alpacalypse is coming any time soon, so she braved a visit to Ibiwisi Alpaca farm in Putney, VT. (Better to know your enemies, right?) Alpacas are generally inquisitive, good natured and friendly. The spitting they are known for happens when males get in a tizzy over the females, or sometimes when females get defensive about food. Towards humans and labbits, they are quite happy creatures.

The alpacas at Ibiwisi farm get excited to see visitors, and if you approach them calmly (it's easy to get overexcited about seeing these cute creatures) you won't have to wait long before they come up to you. They do like to get close.

Sometimes...a little TOO close.

Aren't they adorable? Clover loves their carefree mops of hair on their heads. After exchanging some hellos, the alpacas told Clover to check out their little farmstand for alpaca goods.

Clover hopped into the shed and found a delightful selection of shawls, knitting patterns and kits, some soaps, and of course, beautiful skeins of yarn. If you've ever worn alpaca wool, you'll know it's warm...sometimes exceedingly so. They make great winter accessories and sweaters if you live in a cold climate.

These alpaca Nesting Balls are the most brilliant thing Clover's seen! Made with leftover bits of alpaca fleece tucked into grapevine cages, and hung near a tree, birds will pull pieces of the fleece to make their nests. Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever heard of? Imagine how warm and cozy your bed would be, lined with alpaca fleece! Clover's wondering if her own fur or the cat's fur would be good to tuck in there. If you've ever brushed a bunny or a cat, you know how quickly those brushes fill up with fur!

Clover's good friend Donnie is a bird lover so she had to pick up a nesting ball and refill for him for Christmas. Check out his bird photography blog here. Hopefully in the spring he will have images of birds making their nests with these nesting balls.

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