Monday, July 18, 2011

Something New and Shiny

Captain Holly gave warning that there were strangers in the warren, but Clover and Ted felt safe enough with the pfeffa (that's the cat) to peek around a corner and check out what was going on. It was hard to tell at first what was happening. Something large and oddly triangular came into the warren, wrapped in a big blue blanket...

Turns out it's a new piano! Ted loves to play the piano, so this will make him very happy. Now, if only he can manage to keep the mau5e5 out of the soundboard.

The labbits were kind enough to let the mau5e5 live with them in the warren, but since then, they've taken to playing in the violin case or in the piano and nomming on strings.

 Ted's had to chase them out of the piano several times. I guess you just can't keep the mau5e5 away from music.

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