Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Labbits In the News

Pipkin's both proud and embarassed to have been featured in this week's local paper, The Commons.  The Commons is an independent, non-profit newspaper for Windham county, Vermont, and the editor, Jeff Potter, happened to discover the labbit blog recently. Intrigued, he sent Bellows Falls correspondent Allison Teague to get the inside scoop about the Year of the Labbit blog. Pipkin and the other labbits were surprised to see they made the front page, with a whole back page full of "the story" and photos, too!

Clover and Theodore donned their reading specs to read the article. Pipkin blushed because he was embarrassed to see himself posing in the photo on the front page. Look closely, and you can see Pip is licking the packaging covering a slice of carrot cake at Vermont Pretzel.

You can find the article here at the Commons' website, and you can download a copy from their site as well. Best of all, you can grab a copy if you live in Windham county. Thanks so much to Allison for her lovely feature on the blog, and thanks to YOU for visiting the labbits here!


  1. Hi! Thats so cool that your website was explained and stuff in a magazine!!!! Also i was wondering.... Did u get Theodore with his markings or did u paint that on him? And also did u draw the eyelashes on Clover or did she simply come with them also? I would love to know due to the fact that I dont own any Happy Labbits and if i ever got one i would want one with cute and cool markings.

  2. Hi LabbitLover. Thanks for coming by the blog again. I painted Theodore myself. He was a Limited Edition Christmas Happy Labbit (basically the same as the other 5" happy labbits, but with different accessories). I coated him with primer, then drew out the design and painted him with acrylic paint. I finished him off with a clear coat. That's it.

    As for Clover, I took a deep breath and drew the eyelashes on with a permanent Sharpie marker. Easy!

  3. Glad to see the Labbits have good taste in newspapers!

  4. Why I'm just seeing this now I have no idea...but I finally made it and am fascinated by this kind of doppleganger effect on so many levels, here in this blog.

    I particularly admired your artistic vision and dedication in setting yourself this challenge to photograph everyday. Ingenious. :)

    'Appy Labbit 'Olliday



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