Sunday, July 31, 2011

Labbit Travels: Toronto, Canada

Freshly arrived in downtown Toronto, Joel brought Pipkin and Domo to The Beast for Sunday brunch.
Mau5e5 will eat about anything, but Pipkin would appreciate it if his friends stayed away from the "poutine" that features braised rabbit.

Pipkin also understands that sharp toothed creatures are meant to eat meat (again, please no rabbit!), so he tried to look the other way when Domo ordered the infamous maple bacon doughnuts. They're a must-have at The Beast, and Domo was not disappointed.

Pipkin stuck with a vegetarian southern egg scramble. The boiled peanut hummus was a treat with the buttermilk biscuits, and of course, the greens are the best part!

The Beast prides itself in using local and sustainable Ontario farmed ingredients where possible, and almost everything is made fresh in house. There is something for vegetarians and sharp-toothed eaters alike, as you can see from their online menu here.

(But please, for the love of labbits, stay away from the rabbit!)

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