Thursday, July 28, 2011

Labbits Don't Pack Light

It's been nearly a year since Domo found Pipkin in a little boutique toy shop in Port Townsend, Washington, and freed him from box life. Since then, they have done a little tour of northwest Washington and Oregon, and a little trip to Vancouver, Canada, before moving to Bellows Falls, Vermont. They did fly from Vancouver to Toronto, but Pipkin and Domo had hitched a ride in a woman's purse and didn't see all that much of Toronto. Joel Mau5 is himself from Toronto and says there is much to see and do in Canada's largest city.

So Domo and Pipkin are going on a road trip to Toronto, and the bickering has begun before they've even left. Domo insists they pack light, but Pipkin's pretty psyched and wants to make sure he's prepared for anything. That means bringing all his labbity accessories, and some of his red and white toques. Joel has already explained that crossing the Canadian border doesn't automatically place you on arctic tundra, but Pipkin won't listen. He may concede to leaving the smorks and bone behind (good to leave your vices out of your baggage) but he's certain Canada's cool climes will call for candy canes and elf legs. By that logic, Domo thinks the ice cream and popsicle should stay behind but nooooo. Pipkin doesn't want to miss any photo ops. Domo thinks Pipkin's front page feature in The Commons this week may have gotten to Pip's hollow vinyl head.

Hopefully Pipkin can pare down to the essentials and Domo will leave behind his bossypants so they can have a good road trip. Bon voyage, boys!


  1. how did you get all of your accessories?

  2. were did you get all of your accessories for your labbit?

  3. I own several happy labbits, more than are seen on the blog, and I also traded some Dunnys on the kidrobot forum. I think I also bought an accessory or two from a toy customizer who no longer needed the accessory. They're out there, you just gotta go looking for them!


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