Friday, July 22, 2011

Night of 1000 Cupcakes

Pipkin's friend Kelly from Hot Mustard invited him to listen to the band play at the Cupcake Festival in Jaffrey NH yesterday. It was a really, really hot day, and Pipkin wasn't sure how fondant or cream frosting was going to hold up in the heat (or the band members for that matter!) but figured a night of 1000 cupcakes might be something quite interesting to see.

Underneath several tents there were tables and tables of cupcakes, made by locals and donated to the event. The event this year had over 4000 cupcakes. All colors of frosting were used, and there were a wide range of toppings, like sprinkles, chocolate chips, berries, goldfish crackers, more icing, gummy bears and m&ms.

The best cupcakes won awards in categories such as Most Decadent, Most Civic, Most Un-cupcake, and Most Likely to Succeed. Pipkin doesn't even know how a cupcake succeeds, or what it succeeds at doing. Being a cupcake? Hmmm. Whatever it means, the winning Most Likely To Succeed entry above with the sheep certainly wins for cute presentation. 

This gorgeous hydrangea entry was one of Pipkin's favorites! Tucked inside the giant blooms were cupcakes decorated with little icing hydrangeas. Nicely done!

 This giant owl ditches the cupcake form entirely. Pipkin would say it's a shaped cake, and not a cupcake. He's certainly too cute to eat, in Pipkin's opinion.

This entry was one of Pipkin's favorites, mostly for the fresh berries in the center of the sunflower. Pipkin admits that while the cupcakes were pretty to look at, he couldn't make his way through even one because they were just too sweet. He'd prefer to eat just the pile of berries here.

Hot Mustard, from L-R: Bill Jubett, April Hobart, Kelly Stockwell, Bruce Stockwell
The best part of the Cupcake Festival for Pipkin was seeing his friend Kelly Stockwell playing bass in Hot Mustard. It's the second time he's seen them play live, and they put on a great show. Visit their website for music, show dates, video and more.


  1. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Pipkin,

    As one of the creators of The Night of 1,000 Cupcakes, I am thrilled that you enjoyed the event so much. Your opinion means a lot to us, Pipkin, and I hope you will join us again in mid-July for another star-studded, frosting-laden, creative cupcake extravaganza.

    Many thanks to Hot Mustard for and excellent show and to Kathleen Johnsen of Koolkat Design for finding this wonderful post. We'll see you at the next Cupcakes!


    Lajla LeBlanc


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