Saturday, January 25, 2014

And now, from CCTV headquarters...

Today Pipkin and Domo saw the funky shaped CCTV (China Central Television) headquarters building. CCTV is the largest state broadcaster in mainland China with 45 TV channels. Being a State broadcaster, all the top officials, directors and officers are appointed by the State, and editorial pieces are all subject to government policy consideration so...many consider CCTV to be a tool for propaganda and brainwashing.

Domo thinks the building is cool to look at. It kinda looks like a giant pair of pants. In fact, many locals refer to the building as "big pants". Pipkin's a bit more cynical. With 24 CCTV channels going 24 hours a day, he thinks the building is a giant, ever watching Eye.

There's a subway stop right outside the building. As difficult as the air was to breathe, you can see the building from inside the station, even with the smog.

The building, which is made up of 6 horizontal and vertical towers joined together, has 44 floors (3 below ground), 75 elevators, and is 234 m (768 ft) tall.

Greenery and landscaping around the base of the building was sparse, but Pipkin found a little patch of flowers that put a little colour into this grey, smoggy day.


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