Monday, January 27, 2014

The Great Wall

Ladies and gentlemen...THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!

Specifically, Pipkin and Domo are at Juyongguan, or Juyong Pass, an ancient pass in the Great Wall in the Jundu mountains of north Beijing.

The walls of Juyong Pass are over 4000 metres long, with barbican towers, watchtowers, and gate towers.

The stone steps have been renovated several times throughout the centuries, but are still uneven, worn, and at times quite steep. Sometimes it takes a bit of a boost to walk along the wall.

It's worth the walk though! The views from some of the watchtowers would be great on a nice day. You might think it's romantic seeing the mountains disappear into the mist, but that's not mist...that's smog! Yup. Smog!

One thing that is romantic? These padlocks on chains, left by lovers to symbolise their love to one another. Visitors to the Great Wall can bring a lock and "lock their love" forever.

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  1. I somehow missed that big plaque of the Great Wall ... =\


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