Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jingshan Park, Beijing

Pipkin looks at the Forbidden City to the south
When it's a clear day in Beijing, you have to take advantage of the conditions and head to Jingshan Park, where you can see the Forbidden City and surrounding city for miles and miles. The Wanchun Pavilion (Ten Thousand Spring Pavilion) is one of the highest points in Beijing, and also centered on Beijing's north-south axis.

Jingshan Park used to be a private imperial garden in the Forbidden City, but was opened to the public in 1928. The 50 m hill in Jingshan Park is artificial, made up from the earth removed to create moats and canals around the Forbidden City.

The park has five peaks, each with scenic views and its own pavilion.

Domo at the peak

There's more to the park than just climbing up and down to the pavilions. The park itself has beautiful flowers and cypress trees, and you'll see lots of people doing tai chi and calligraphy. But on a clear day, you really have to take the opportunity to look out over the city!

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