Friday, November 1, 2013

Set Sail For Treasure Island!

Domo promised Pipkin that today they would head out in search of pirate treasure! Pipkin was really looking forward to a fun day of adventure, but the weather was all grey and rainy.

Domo wasn't too upset. He had just the thing to cheer Pip up.

Sometimes a little southern hip hop and Crunky chocolate is just the thing to turn that frown upside down.

They watched the scenery go by from inside the ferry, and after nearly an hour, they arrived on Cheung Chau island (Cantonese for "Long Island"), where famed pirate Cheung Po Tsai hid his treasures in a cave.

For the most part, Cheung Chau island is a fishing village with residences, and its narrow laneways limit traffic to bicycles, walking, and specially designed little fire trucks and ambulances. The ferry from Central drops you off at a main terminal on Cheung Chau island, and you have to take a smaller boat to the other side of the island to get to the pirate cave. Pipkin and Domo checked out the modern day treasures of Cheung Chau - seafood!

A short water taxi ride later, Pipkin and Domo arrived at Cheung Po Tsai's pirate cave.

Pretty nice view for a pirate cave! You can see how big a bay of water Cheung Po Tsai had near by for his 600+ pirate ships. He had a pirate crew of over 50,000. These islands can hide a lot of booty.

Good thing Pip and Domo are small enough to crawl in here. (Entrance is between the rocks on the left.)

It's pretty dark down there, but cavernous! Lots of treasures could have been held down there. Sadly, it's too dark for pictures, and Pip and Domo aren't going to tell you what things they took out of the cave. You'll just have to visit yourself. You might even find some pirates, hanging out at the other end of the cave.

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